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TWA Woodbrite

$31.15 (Inclusive of GST)

TWA Woodbrite

$31.15 (Inclusive of GST)

TWA WOODBRITE is a powerful cleaning agent intended for the preparation of weathered or dirty timber prior to painting staining or other treatment. The timber will be restored to a fresh new appearance. This will give the best aesthetic results with any further surface treatment.
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Directions For Use

Product Preparation

The TWA WOODBRITE powder is mixed at a rate of 450g of product per bucket (8 Litres) of water. Stir gently for a few minutes until all the powder dissolves. The solution will initially be a blue colour. When this returns to clear, allow about five minutes, it is ready to use. Please use the solution within 6 hours. DO NOT store the solution in a closed container or in sunlight for a long period.

Surface Preparation

Sweep or hose away excess dirt, leaves and debris. The surface may be damp but allow excess water to run off or dry. In hot dry conditions pre-wetting the timber with water only is recommended to cool the surface and prevent rapid drying of the TWA WOODBRITE solution.


The best way to apply TWA WOODBRITE solution is with a garden pump sprayer, brushes and rollers may also be used but are less convenient. Spray or brush the solution onto the timber generously. 1 litre of solution should treat 10-15 square metres of surface. As the solution penetrates the surface the active ingredient is released and creates a foaming effect. This foaming action breaks up and floats out the accumulated dirt and mould. Allow this process to continue for 5-10 minutes keeping the surface damp with light water spray if necessary. Then work the foam into the surface by brushing with a broom or brush. A deck scrubber broom is ideal. More solution may be applied at this stage if the surface has become dry. Hose down the surface using strong water pressure. Allow to dry thoroughly before application to any further surface finish. Heavily soiled timber may benefit from a second application. No major benefit is achieved by making the solution stronger than recommended. Additional Points TWA WOODBRITE will lift off loosely adhered and flaking paint or stain from timber. However it is not intended as a paint stripper. Similarly grease and oil stains may prove difficult to remove. Timbers with a high tannin content. (eg Western Red, Cedar Jarrah or River Red Gum), may not show a great colour change after treatment. This is because some tannin compounds are very resistant to an oxidising process such as TWA WOODBRITE, although the other benefits will be achieved. In these cases treatment with a 5% oxalic acid solution after the TWA WOODBRITE treatment may help improve the appearance. TWA WOODBRITE cannot remove stains that are inherent as imperfections in the timber itself. Examples are sap stains, gum or resin veins and burn marks.

Safety and Handling


TWA WOODBRITE is safe to use provided a few simple precautions are observed. A Safety Data Sheet is available on request if further information is required.

Handling the Product

The powder form (concentrate) of the product is severely irritating to the nose, mouth and throat if contact occurs. Contact with the eyes may cause serious injury. Wear gloves and glasses while handling the powder. Wash from skin or eyes immediately. If swallowed do not induce vomiting. Wipe product from lips and mouth and give a glass of water. Get immediate medical aid.

Handling the Solution

When made up as directed the WOODBRITE solution is practically non-toxic. However, contact may irritate the eyes, broken skin or other sensitive areas. Sensible protective clothing is recommended when using the solution. Wash hands, arms and exposed skin after use.

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TWA Woodbrite

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