Southern Mahogany

Southern Mahogany IconSouthern mahogany is indigenous to the coastal plains and  ranges of south eastern Australia (Bairnsdale to Newcastle). It is from the red mahogany group of eucalypts and is closely related to Sydney blue gum.

Where does it grow best?

Southern mahogany grows best on sites with rainfall of at least 650 mm year-1. It enjoys sheltered sites with deep, well-drained sandy loam or clay loam soils. It is fast growing and tolerant of frost.

What does it look like?

Southern mahogany is an attractive tree with thick coarse bark on the trunk contrasted with smooth white bark on the upper stem and smaller branches.

What sort of wood does it produce?

The wood from southern mahogany is an attractive red to light red colour and is strong and durable. The timber is used for furniture, flooring and veneer applications. Historically it has been used in heavy  construction, for sleepers and posts.

What are its most valuable features?

Southern mahogany’s most valuable features are its rapid growth, its tolerance of frost and its beautiful red wood.

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Wood density (green) 1180 kg/m3</td
Wood density (at 12% moisture content) 920 kg/m3
Strength (green & dry) F14-27
Durability class (above ground) 2  years
Durability (below ground) 3 years
Hardness (unseasoned & seasoned) Hard
Termite resistance of heartwood (inside above ground) Resistant
Lyctid Borer susceptibility of sapwood Rarely Susceptible